We offer telehealth appointments. A valid GP referral is required for this service.

Child centred and family focused paediatrics


Compassionate Child Healthcare

Our mission is to join families in their journey through the health system. 


Consultant Paediatrician

Our children are unique, diverse and have a lot of potential. Occasionally they require a child centred, family focused and dedicated paediatrician to manage their health. We can also help when parents or carers have questions on how the child is learning, behaving or developing. We are now accepting new referrals at our Sydenham and Werribee rooms. 

Specialising but not limited to the following areas:

• General Paediatrics aged 0-18 years

• Unsettled Babies

•  Reflux

• Poor weight gain, Tongue tie

• Asthma/ Eczema

•  Chronic Pain, Headaches

• Urinary tract Infections, bedwetting

• Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy , Learning and behavioural concerns.


A Personal Approach

Our goal is to improve and maintain children's overall health and to empower families with an understanding of the child's condition and wellness plan.